Computer Centre

The Computer Centre, North-Eastern Hill University came into existence in May 1987 with the installation of EC-1045.01 Mainframe Computer System. The system was made available to the users in September 1987.

With financial grant from UGC, a mini Computer VAX-3100-40 was installed in 1993, which had been used extensively for research related computation and computer education purposes.

In January 2009, The PARAM Sheersh, a High Performance Computer System, created and installed by C-DAC at Computer Centre, NEHU. The Computer system was funded by Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India.

In March 2015, SULEKOR High Performance Computing Clusters was installed by the Computer Centre, NEHU. This High Performance facility was named after a Khasi word for ‘Sule’ means something powerful and ‘kor’ means a machine or thing. Thus the evolution of the word SULEKOR. Since its inception from March till June 2015, there was about 800 successful/Completed jobs processed at this machine. There are many users, mostly research scholars, who have registered from different departments, and the jobs average from 1 to 15 days completion time.